Thursday, August 23, 2012

How To Prevent Inflammation Of Prostate Gland

Perhaps there is no man who not fears prostatitis. In the meantime, it is better not to fear it but start preventing it. It is not difficult to prevent inflammation of prostate gland. Learn to do it.

1. Treat infections
One of most common causes of prostatitis are sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Men who do not suffer from such infections never get inflammation of prostate gland. Best way to protect from STD is to use condoms during sexual intercourse, especially when the man has no permanent partner. In case you do not follow this rule it is necessary to go to the doctor, make examinations and perform treatment if needed. Today most infections can be treated.

2. Avoid cold
After you froze over you caught cold – quite common situation for most people. This occurs because overcooling weakens body immune defense and gives infections the possibility to become active. Under the cold action pathogenic bacteria and viruses become more aggressive in prostate gland. That is why men should never seat down on a cold or wet surface and should dress in season. Most dangerous is quick freeze, for example, when a man after sauna goes on freeze. If you like sauna, then it would be better to pour cold water over yourself – this is less dangerous for male health.

3. Make exercises
Prostate inflammation may have non-infectious character. In this case it is caused by congestive occurrences in prostate gland. Last years this kind of prostatitis occurs more frequently than infectious one. The main cause here is sedentary lifestyle which lead most of modern males. In order to improve blood circulation in small pelvis and prostate gland it is necessary to make fitness, especially are healthy aerobic activities such as gentle run, walking, exercises on ellipsoidal fitness equipment. If there is no time for fitness, you should make simple exercises that stimulate blood circulation in small pelvis. In the next article we will talk about exercises for prostate health.

4. Lead regular sex life
Each four days prostate gland produces liquid which is main component of sperm. In order to prevent prostate gland from congestive occurrences it should be released in due time naturally during ejaculation. Therefore it is necessary to make sex not less than twice a week. Sex 3- 4 times a week is perfect for prostate health.

5. Keep to a diet

Your diet should be rich in zinc and selenium. Those minerals do accumulate in prostate gland and protect it from inflammations. Necessary microelements are found in seafoods, pumpkin, berries, chicken meat, rabbit meat, bran bread.

6. See your doctor
Men over 40 should go to the doctor once a year. Before this age there is no need to visit doctor so often.

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