Monday, June 11, 2012

Vitamins And Minerals For Prostate Health

Selenium is an effective antioxidant which prevents prostate cells from rapid growth and size increase, strengthens immunity, increases libido and potency in men. Selenium helps to get rid of calculus in prostate gland. Small calculuses are found in 75% of middle-aged males. In case of chronic inflammatory processes,  calculuses may result in scars and prostate gland may get shrink. Selenium fragments calculuses, they get dissolved and soon disappear.

Zinc is an active participant of many enzymatic processes. When prostate gland is increased, zinc helps to reduce its size, lowers clinical implications of prostatitis, takes part in synthesis and metabolism of testosterone. Zinc also helps to increase spermateliosis and sexual potency.

Large amounts of zinc are found in meat, seafood, birds and whole cereals. In prostate gland are found more zinc than in other organs, therefore scientists suppose that zinc deficiency may lead to development of prostate gland diseases.

Zinc also helps to remove inflammations in chronic prostatitis and in this case it would be better to take zinc along with lucerne. In first three days (sometimes even a week) patient suffers from abundant and frequent urination. Taking zinc and lucerne during one month helps to significantly improve the condition and make a full recovery.

Vitamins A, C and E are cellular antioxidants, they strengthen immune system and body resistance to infections, prevents cells from damaging action of free radicals.

If you think that you do not get enough vitamins and minerals with food, you may take multivitamin or mineral supplements. It would be better to take a complex with vitamins and minerals, because well-balanced complex provides better digestion of nutrients which it contains.

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