Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dangers of Chronic Prostatitis

Most frequently prostatitis develops in chronic form during several years without showing itself. In some cases patient may experience severe pains, unpleasant sensations in crotch spreading to back, genitals or rectum.

Periodically is observed frequent, painful and sometimes difficult urination, slight discharge from the urethra.

Unfortunately, at this stage most males do not pay attention to these signs. How wrong they are! The danger of chronic prostatitis is its spread via urinary system which may result in development of cystitis and pyelonephritis.

Besides this,  prostatitis may result in such complications as vesiculitis (inflammation of seminal vesicles) or orchiepididymitis (inflammation of tescticles and epididymis) which may lead to male infertility.

Besides this, inflammations in prostate gland may cause adenoma or prostate cancer.

After some time prostatitis causes problems with erection. This is associated with involvement into inflammatory process of nerves responsible for erectile function which run via prostate gland.

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